our view

The country is in a precarious position. 

Political parties have already been at each other’s throats for years now, but recent events and tragedies in the country have led to even more divisiveness. People are on all different sides of arguments and everyone thinks their side is the right one.

People who once could discuss matters in a calm and levelheaded manner are now fighting each other and sometimes unwilling to even listen to the other side. It’s even gotten to the point we delete decades-long friends and our own family from Facebook if we can’t agree.

What ever happened to civil discourse?

Rather than understanding an issue at hand, laying out ideas each side may have for solving the situation then finding a common ground, both sides seem to believe it’s their way or the highway. 

We all have differing opinions and always will. But refusing to compromise, change an opinion after learning new facts or listen the other side is not the way to make progress in this country.

Being angry with each other just because someone has a varying opinion leads only to greater divisiveness, and the last thing we need is a deeper divide among us all. 

So, rather than being hotheaded and getting into arguments that may end friendships, talk it out, listen and be understanding.

Sometimes understanding one another is all the common ground we need to reach. Even if you still disagree after a discussion, civil debates are healthy and practical.