Our View

School has officially started in Tallapoosa County as city and county students returned to classes Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. Both school systems announced their own themes for the year during convocations.

Alexander City is focused on the culture of learning and looking at data to improve student performance. Tallapoosa County Schools are focused on getting families involved in their students’ education and programs.

Parents should work on these themes just as well with their children

Both themes are probably easier said than done when it comes to implementation, but are something parents and students can work on.

Parents should be involved in their children’s education. Homework can be hard and it’s good to engage with students about what they’re learning to help them get a better concept.

Engaging after school helps create a culture of learning at home. This year Alexander City Schools is starting to use the web-based program Edgenuity so parents can access it at home. The program bases itself around students’ test scores and gives them an education plan.

Parents can work on this anytime since it’s all on the internet.

Parents are busy and sometimes don’t have a lot of time in the day after work and chores and meals to spend time with their children. However, taking even the slightest interest in their education, from getting their children ready for school in the morning, picking them up from after-school practice and attending school programs is a boost to helping them and the schools.