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Tallapoosa County residents woke up this morning with the results of local mayoral runoff elections in Alexander City, Dadeville and Camp Hill. They all had the opportunity to vote and voice their opinions for a second time in one of these elections but that doesn’t mean everyone will all be satisfied with the outcomes.

Regardless if the candidate of your choosing won, each of these respective communities needs to work together to support its city governments and elected mayors.

As of today, three cities will move forward with a (possibly) new or partially new administration and residents also need to move forward to help with that success. Communities thrive in a collaborative environment but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make your voices heard.

Each of these communities has city councilmembers who represent their districts for a reason. These city councilmembers are there to hear residents’ concerns and take those ideas and frustrations to the table. City councilmembers are voted to be the voice of their respective districts as a whole. Not everyone will be happy with the results or with every decision made but The Outlook encourages all residents to do their best to show support.

A divisive community faces easier breakdown and fewer positive results. If we work together toward common goals, cities have a better advantage for continued prosperity.

Elections and voting are the rights of all residents and serve as opportunities to be heard. If you want to see change, you should never stop being involved in the process. Join a local organization, attend city council meetings and do your part to get involved in the community.

And there is always another election around the corner.