Our View

It’s starting to get to the time of year of spring cleaning. 

It is a yearly ritual for most. Planting new flowers and shrubs to decorate the outside of the home is often included. For others, spring cleaning is an inside job.

For those inside jobs, sorting is very much needed. We might clean up under a sink where chemicals whose labels have disappeared after years of storage. While it might be easy to just toss it in the garbage or pour it down the drain, take a moment and figure out what it is. Improper disposal can lead to those chemicals to into precious Lake Martin. 

While on the topic of sorting during spring cleaning, we all have old clothes we need to dispose of. Again some just don’t need to be used again, but do you need rags at home? Some tattered clothing makes for good dust rags. 

But don’t throw away all that unwanted clothing. If you think some might still have a season or two left in it, find a way to get to places that help folks in need. The Tallapoosa Christian Crisis Center and The Salvation Army come to mind. There are also closets at many area churches who hold clothing for those in need.

The same goes for unwanted food. Check your cabinets and pantries. We all have noodles and cans of tomatoes close to expiring. Many of the same places we could take unwanted clothing to also accept food as long as it is not expired.

When you start your spring cleaning, sort your items. You will get organized and throw away less. You might find that jacket you have been looking for, but by sorting, you will find ways you can help others in need with your unwanted property.