Every year after National Signing Day, I like to put together a list of superlatives for Alabama’s recruiting class. Below are those superlatives.

The Biggest Get: Quarterback Bryce Young

Is he the biggest get literally? No. 

Young isn’t even 200 pounds if he is holding a dead raccoon and a fat baby. 

Figuratively, though? Oh yeah. 

Young’s arrival at Alabama should be met with the grand spectacle of a Mardi Gras parade after the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl. 

Young is diminutive, but he is the quarterback Alabama fans have all waited for. Imagine David Palmer with a rocket (and accurate) arm. 

He will be the starter by Game 3 of 2020 I am 100% convinced. 

Young will even have a cool nickname by Game 4 of 2020, too… Something like “The Tiny Magician” or “Le Petite Prince” or “Smally Smalls” or “Li’l Brycie.”

I don’t know. Whatever it is though, it will be awesome.

I Am More Bullish Than the Experts On: Defensive lineman Jah-Marien Latham 

I understand reservations about this former Class 1A lineman, but Latham is big, mean and, most importantly, a defensive lineman. Those are three positives in my book. 

Alabama needs to get back to being D-Line University and Latham helps out with that cause. Also, the name “Jah-Marien” makes me think he might be a Jedi — I said might. 

So, if he whips out a lightsaber in next year’s Iron Bowl, don’t be surprised.

Future Top 5 NFL Pick: Defensive lineman Tim Smith 

Is it just me or does every picture of Smith look like it was taken with that “aging app?” 

He looks old enough to pass for A’Shawn Robinson’s roommate at The Villages in lovely Orlando, Florida. 

NFL scouts may want to cut him open and count the rings to verify his age before drafting him, but he will be a top-five pick eventually due to his incredible talents. 

Smith — like Latham above — could be an immediate impact player in the trenches.

Not Necessarily NFL Material But Will Eventually Be Missed: Athlete Kristian Story 

This is a tough call and it’s not to say Story won’t be in the pros one day, but I am just not sure where he will play at ’Bama, much less in the NFL. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this kid and I am thrilled ’Bama signed him. I had the pleasure of calling his AHSAA Class 1A Championship and he was simply sublime. 

Whereever he plays in Tuscaloosa, I have no doubt he will make his mark.

Can’t Wait to See First Play of: Defensive end Will Anderson 

After two five stars — Eyabi Anoma and Antonio Alfano — from the previous two classes both flamed out, I am scared to pick a dude whose last name starts with an “A,” but maybe “Anderson” is spelled with a silent “T” or ‘Y?”

Tanderson? Yanderson? Maybe? No?

Well, vowels aside, Anderson is a superstar in the making. He is quicker than a cheetah’s hiccup and I bet we see him play against Southern Cal in Game 1. 

Wish ’Bama Had Signed But Didn’t: Defensive lineman McKinnley Jackson 

Another category, another defensive lineman. 

Jackson was the nefarious double-whammy, too, as Alabama both didn’t sign him and an SEC West rival, Texas A&M, did. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Jackson will be in the pros after three years in College Station, Texas. He is a special talent.

Most Needed: Linebacker Demouy Kennedy 

A hard-hitting player who is super athletic and can come in and play right away at a position of need. 

Plus, Kennedy is a Mobile guy and Alabama needs to get back in that area badly. The next few years Mobile has some great talent. 

Destined to Make a Memorable Big Play in a Big Game: Linebacker Drew Sanders 

Sanders is essentially Nelson Muntz from the Joe Namath episode of “The Simpsons.” 

He is bigger than you, faster than you and stronger than you. He also enjoys proving all of the above on a continuous basis.

Am I right about any of these calls? My bet is it won’t take long to see I am.

Luke Robinson is a regular columnist, contributor to BMetro, AHSAA Radio Network Broadcaster and Sportzblitz Team Member.