Our view

We see them everywhere.

Stories about people helping someone. Most recently a widow eating in Oxford was asked to join a table of others so she didn’t have to eat alone. The story has received a lot of attention and shows we all care for each other.

It does not require money and we can do this every day. It is as simple as holding the door for someone, saying hello, a quick smile or volunteering for a local cleanup or other cause.

In the case in Oxford it brought much joy to the widow and provided satisfaction to the gentlemen she ate dinner with.

The story received attention for good reason, but don’t let attention be the reason for doing it. Let a smile in return or a simple thank you be enough.

Locally is no different. The hello today may lead to a new friend or more tomorrow. It may lead to a new customer or business partner. And just think, it all happened with little effort.

How about sharing a table with a stranger if dining out? It will lead to conversation and sharing of stories especially if the parties are from different backgrounds or hometowns.

Who knows, you might be a guest in your newfound friend’s home soon.