Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, 

I sincerely hope there are many African-Americans and other races who recognize the majority of white European-Americans are pulling for them to succeed and be happy. We cheer when an African-American schoolgirl becomes valedictorian or a young man of another race excels in academics or sports. We should applaud the achievements of businesspeople, politicians, civil servants, teachers, coaches, ministers, etc. of all races.

On the other hand, it is deplorable and destructive when our races are pitted against one another. God knows there are many reasons for resentment and suspicion by minority races toward European-Americans. Whether out of pure meanness, greed, ignorance or possibly fear, many harsh cruelties have been visited upon minority races.

Jesus teaches, “We judge not that we be not judged.” However, this is a human tendency which plagues us all and surely must lurk behind the poisonous prejudices of which every one of us — red, yellow, black and white — are guilty.

Therefore, we all need to support and encourage each other’s prosperity. The alternative is to dismiss, despise and disparage each other until, by mutual destruction, we all end up in the ditch together.

Incidentally, there are African-American members in my congregation at Flint Hill Methodist Church. They are loved and appreciated, in spite of one’s prejudicial history, and hugs and handshakes (mostly hugs) abound.

May God bless us all.

Jerry W. Abbett

Alexander City