Dear Editor,

Every day I see someone else being shot or killed. When will it stop? What can we do to make it stop?

It’s time for somebody to step up and say let’s quit this violence. Why are we having so much violence in the United States of America? It’s everywhere — here in Alexander City probably — even when we don’t see it.

My heart goes out to the kids who are going to suffer because they are now without parents because of the people who decided to shoot and kill them.

People can say the shooters had bad home lives, were bullied, etc. That’s not an excuse. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Bullying isn’t a reason for people to grow up and shoot people. I was bullied; I had a hard childhood growing up but that didn’t make me grow up and kill people.

The gun is not going to get up and shoot somebody. It’s not the gun; it’s the person. Taking the guns away won’t help.

There is more than just shooting going on in the world. There are bad things happening every day and many of them can be prevented.

There are people who leave children in the car. How can you forget a child in the car? Do we need a reminder on the rearview mirror to remind parents their children are in the car? Isn’t that supposed to be common sense? You strapped the child in the car; how can you forget? Your child needs to come first. God gave us these children to love and cherish. 

That is something we can prevent. 

On top of that the world is just divided today and I think there has to be something we can do to fix it. Talk to our mayor, governor, representatives; what can we do? It starts with us. We need to hear from other people so more voices are standing up to this violence to make it stop. The people we put in office need to be the voices for people like me to stop this. That’s their job.

Is it going to take another 9/11 to bring us together? We were united after that tragedy. Eighteen years later we’ve drifted apart again. We remember 9/11 and the people who lost their lives but we have forgotten how we were united at that time. The Bible tells us to love another, but do we truly love one another?

Jerome Messer

Alexander City