Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

I once heard a sermon preached comparing man to sheep. Sheep are the dumbest creatures God created. They have to be led to water and to pastures where they may eat. Without being led, they would wander around and die.

The object of the sermon was to show God is the Good Shepherd and we are His sheep. To keep from wandering around and dying in our sin, the Good Shepherd will lead you to eat of the Bread of Life and drink from the Well of Living Water and never hunger and thirst again. Nor will you die in sin.

Our nation was founded with God being a part of our foundation. We will soon be faced with choosing to eat the Bread of Life or eating bread that is stale, hard, moldy and not fit to eat and drink stale, bitter and unhealthy water or the Living Well Water. 

We are sheep and we are being led. But we can still choose for now. 

Billy Waites

Alexander City