Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Sitting at the table reading my Outlook paper, I am once again reminded how important having a city newspaper is that specializes in what’s going on in our community. 

It is something special we take for granted.

It’s really the heart of our community and we are truly blessed to have a newspaper that is staffed with friendly professionals who want nothing more than to put together a newspaper we can be proud of and they have succeeded. 

Going online for news is OK, but it doesn’t compare to holding this newspaper in your hands where you can read it anytime.

The Outlook reflects everything that’s happening in Alexander City from sports to local politics to community events. We also have an abundance of fantastic businesses who advertise. They give us a great variety to choose from for home repairs, auto-repairs, real estate, restaurants and so much more.

All of this information is right there in front of us when we get The Outlook. 

As many of you know, I enjoy giving my opinion on city topics or political ones. I also enjoy reading everyone else’s opinion letters.

The Outlook editorial page gives all of us the opportunity to voice an opinion pro or con. I want to encourage more of you to express your opinion by writing a letter.

We respect everyone’s opinion. We can agree to disagree at times. 

The small cost to us to support our local newspaper is well worth it. Our local paper is the heart of our community and the best way to know what’s happening around us. I cannot imagine ever losing it.

So again I say congratulations to our great hometown paper The Outlook for a job well done. 

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Your friendliness is genuine; it’s who you are.

I am proud to be a loyal subscriber. If you are not yet a subscriber, sign up and try it out. You will not be disappointed.

Annette Lynch

Alexander City