Dear Editor,

Calling President Donald Trump a racist, sexist, Nazi and a liar are the biggest lies of all told by the left-wing losers living in a fog of hatred for Trump and those people will never change. I don’t care about them but I also care about a worldwide virus we cannot see, smell or taste and is bringing the world to its knees. 

The World Health Organization is calling the coronavirus a global pandemic. No world scientist and no country has been able to stop this virus. America and other countries are closing schools, concerts, NBA games, all group events and more. This is now our new shocking reality yet as usual Trump haters don’t skip a beat in their fog of irrational hatred for Trump, blaming him for not doing enough soon enough.

These left-wing nuts are the scary dangerous ones as their only reality is getting rid of Trump. This is a global epidemic yet the delusional left wings expect one man, Trump, to fix it. We have 535 members of the Washington swamp. What are they doing in this time of crisis?

The burden of soloing this crisis falls on our politicians local, state and federal. Trump will close our borders to European countries. Democrats are whining that is excessive because the virus is already here. Well, common sense tells us we must stop tens of thousands from coming here with the coronavirus.

Right now we know little about the coronavirus. Our first priority must be to protect our citizens. This virus is causing the stock market crash and worldwide panic. Life as we know it is changing every day. We need more tests but our members of Congress prefer to blame Trump instead of stepping up and getting millions of tests.  We are in uncharted territory. United we stand, divided we fall is more important now than ever before. Common sense must prevail, not panic. The whole world is in this together.

Pointing fingers and continuing to unleash outrageous, irrational hatred against Trump must stop. America is dangerously close to allowing insane hatred to take over the great country. I believe God is giving the world a wakeup call. We must now step back and face the reality we are vulnerable to things we cannot control.

No one all over the world ever imagined we would have a global pandemic no scientist has yet created a vaccine for it.  If ever there was a time for global prayer, this is it, reaching out in prayer to God to comfort us and be with us through these scary times. 

God bless our first responders who now face another danger with this virus. God bless Trump as he continues to fight for we he people. God bless America.

Annette Lynch

Alexander City