Dear Editor,

Elections are coming up in 2020 and I hope and pray citizens, taxpayers and voters will be paying close attention at what our elected and appointed officials are presenting and doing in our local, state and country’s government.

It is time for us to insist those who represent us do so fairly, justly and with integrity.

In Alexander City, the majority of citizens and business people said no and two councilpersons said no to the new municipal complex moving over to the former Russell Sales Office building. Four councilpersons jumped on the move despite all the cries of “no, wait” before making such a drastic decision.

There was a recent article in The Outlook (about the city) asking for citizens’ viewpoints about the outside front entrance of the building. Community development director Al Jones said the city wants input about trees and making the outside of the building look nice. It seems to me the lawn care and public works people could figure this out.

It was said renovations of the new city complex will be slightly delayed until September or October and suggestions are being taken to beautify the outside front entrance and perhaps tie it to lake, using flowers or planting trees, and the winner of the best suggestion may be honored with a plaque.

Really? Come on. Disaster is coming. When you leave out the citizens who voted for you and overlooked their opinions and real concerns, you get sidetracked and concerned about outdoor business instead of indoor business such as getting into the municipal building and consolidating all departments. Millions of dollars were granted for the building to get remodeled and city employees moved in. If you’ve got problems with trees, lighting issues, etc., wait until you get ready to work inside and major issues come up.

I say be straight up with the citizens, listen to truth and get serious about making this move and getting employees ready to move and be efficient in performing day-to-day operations for Alexander City.

Teresa Harrell Moten

Alexander City