Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

This is in response to your ‘Our View’ piece regarding capital investment. When I look around Alexander City, I see properties that are vacant, that could be renovated for new businesses to occupy; in particular, the former Wells Fargo Bank building, which is an Alex City historic building, that is for sale in the downtown. 

I assume it is owned by Wells Fargo, and I wonder if the city has approached the bank about selling that property at a favorable price and possibly getting a favorable loan.  Renovation could most likely be done to that building to create space for some of the graduates of the Lake Martin Innovation Center. 

It’s likely in better condition than the Russell Sales Office because it has not been vacant that long. There is also the current town hall. Presumably Alex City owns that building. Could it not be renovated more economically than building a new building to meet the needs of new businesses? Since officials are determined to build a new school, what is to become of the current school building?  Could that not be renovated for new business?

I believe in capital investment when it makes sense and provides good stewardship of the tax-payers money.  But once again I wonder if dropping millions into a new spec building makes sense. I think it would be more prudent to do some long-term planning and build something as part of a solid partnership with an industry or company that will bring good paying jobs here.  This is not the “field of dreams” where “if you build it, it will come.”

Elsie Hickman

Lake Martin