Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

With the distinct possibility of Donald Trump winning the 2020 election, I would like to ask his Republican defenders how they will cope with the autocracy he is obviously aiming towards. As Americans, we are used to questioning things like authority and things we don’t approve of. That will not be allowed in an autocracy. By encouraging his extreme behavior in flaunting all the rules and laws of this country, they are slowly wearing away the basic tenets of American values which have existed for 230 years now. We have been admired by the world for our peaceful transfer of power. Now we are facing the first time that will be challenged. Do you really want that?

The Statue of Liberty poem will no longer apply.  A few weeks ago USA Today ran a photo of 22 of the counties’ top high school achievers. They were a total range of skin color, from very dark to very light. Obviously their backgrounds involved many countries.

After the first World War, Germany was subjected to severe punishment. My German mother-in-law told me of using a wheelbarrow to carry enough money to go shopping. They came to America but the people who were left were easily convinced Herr Hitler would save them and bring them back to their earlier prosperity by getting rid of the Jewish community. Sound familiar? Now another German is leading America down to ruin. Wake up, America.


Judy Palfrey