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Dear Editor,

After reading an editorial in The Outlook from Oct. 31, at first I dismissed the author but the more I thought about the editorial, I felt I should respond. So here goes. 

The author stated President Donald Trump had broken several laws — laws, plural. I request the author state what laws have been broken. I will make it easy so the author has to give an example of only one law President Trump broke. Just one. 

The author also stated the national economy is bad — done bottomed out. Hmm, let me think. Since Trump has been president, there has not been a quarter when the gross domestic production (GDP) has been below 3.5%. The stock market hit a record high just last week. 

During the 32 quarters of Barack Obama’s administration, the annual GDP never rose above 2.6%. Imagine that. Unemployment is at the lowest point in 35 years especially among minorities. The only laws I have seen broken are the ones the House Democrats have broken to further the propaganda program of the sham impeachment. The Democrats have violated President Trump’s Fifth and Sixth Constitutional rights, all the while urinating away taxpayer funds to further the Democrat Socialist agenda. President Donald Trump — I like saying that so let me say it again, President Donald Trump — has so frightened the Democrat and Republican Washington deep state clique he is in more danger now than ever. If a full impeachment is pursued, then the deep state corruption will be revealed with a resulting total distrust in our centralized government. The danger is multiplied and reinforced by the continual hysteria of the progressive movement to do anything in its power to remove President Trump from office legally or illegally. 

This is a very dark and dangerous time for our country and the Constitution.


Woody Baird

De Opresso Liber

Alexander City