Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

From 2001 through 2010, myself and two friends (John Bell and Scott Parks) held a Class D Minor League Baseball Reunion in Moultrie, Georgia.

With help from the Moultrie Chamber of Commerce, the Museum of Colquitt County and minor league baseball, these reunions were a success.

Over those 10 years, I got to meet a lot of former minor league stars.

Since the reunions, I have continued to do research on the old Georgia state, Georgia-Florida, Georgia-Alabama, Alabama State, Alabama-Florida and Florida East Coast Leagues.

I have also continued to try and collect memorabilia from these old leagues such as team and individual photos, autographs, schedules, scorecards and so on.

I want to preserve the history of these old leagues and Alexander City played a part in the history of the old Alabama-Florida league.

If anyone has any old memorabilia, please write to me at:

Clint Chafin

4789 Tallokas Rd.

Moultrie, GA 31788

I would greatly appreciate the help. 

As the son of a former Class D Minor League Baseball player, I want to try and keep the history of the old leagues alive.

Clint Chafin

Moultrie, Georgia