Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

Welcome back, America. 

Essential workers showed us we can work safely together and bring this country back. It is time to follow their lead and work with them to make America great again. Future generations deserve no less. 

This global pandemic stopped the world’s economy along with the sad loss of life but now even Europe is bravely taking the challenge of safely reopening. As Americans, we can do no less. 

The coronavirus showed us how we all need each other, yet President Donald Trump haters never skipped a beat as they call this a Trump virus and accuse Trump of ruining our economy and blame Trump for 90,000 deaths. All those who say this have absolutely lost their minds. The facts are this started in China then went to Europe then America. 

Where Democrats were 100% concentrating on a hoax impeachment, Democrats praise Dr. Anthony Fauci yet at the end of January, he said it would be OK to go to the Super Bowl on Feb. 17. He said the flu would be worse than COVID-19. Even Nancy Pelosi Feb. 24 went to Chinatown smiling, shaking hands encouraging tourists to come down saying, “No problem, it’s safe.” 

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio bragged how New York was prepared with the best hospitals; “We are NY, tough, prepared for anything.” This was February and first days of March, encouraging New Yorkers to go to bars and restaurants, the subway, even CNN Anderson Cooper said the flu was worse than this virus. I say this to point out even experts, politicians, doctors, until mid-March, many assumed this would be like a bad flu season.

Trump haters know all this but they cannot stop their hysteria of hatred for our president. It is all they live for. Left-wing Democrats will not be the ones to lead us forward. Trump’s positive attitude and leadership kept us on track. When governors asked for help, they got it — from ventilators to Army Corps of Engineers building 1,000-bed hospitals. 

Gov. Cuomo told reporters, “We have never seen a crisis like this.’ I agree, this is a global pandemic. Americans are ready to reopen safely; we have no choice if we are to survive. We owe it to the next generations to save this great country. 

With Trump’s leadership, America is on its way back. In World War II, our greatest generation saved the world; now our generation can save America.

All our essential workers from truckers to first responders and all the businesses that kept the supply chain going 24/7 to meet our needs, you are our heroes. You are the wind beneath our wings. You kept us safe; now it’s time for us to join you in saving our economy.

We can do this together. The best is yet to come. We are the United States of America and with Trump’s leadership, we will come back better than ever.

Annette Lynch

Alexander City