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Dear Editor,

Let’s talk about Mr. Woody Baird — a man that is running for the mayor seat here in Alex City.

Woody came over to the Cooper Rec during a meeting that was for Mayor Tommy Spraggins. He was asked about his record; he never held an office, never been on any local board. When asked what he would do for Alex City if elected, he said he had two gun manufacturers he would bring here. He said he took Mr. Don McClellan to meet with the gun manufacturer. He didn’t jump on it because he didn’t want that ind of business here; he saw too many guns out there now in the wrong hands and are misused by people that have the right to carry them.

Mr. Baird will be another Trump that will divide the city, stop what is going on in the city and get rid of people. Talk is power to some people but to other action, Mr. Baird doesn’t have the qualifications for the job. He doesn’t know how this government works — you can’t just jump in and run and hope no one notices you. For a lot of people, it matters. Trump is plenty; we can do better at the local level.

If Tommy Spraggins doesn’t work out, at least he had the qualifications. He hasn’t done things all the way right; he’s made mistakes. But so have we.

The things Mr. Baird wants for Alex City, the people don’t.

Mr. Baird also said he would bring the domino players at Cooper Rec some chicken and watermelon; he heard that’s what they eat. That was insulting to say. That’s not what they eat up there.


Arlean Wyckoff

Alexander City