Dear Editor, 

The worst kind of election interference continues to be on display as Democrats want to impeach President Donald Trump and force him out of office for no good reason — except they hate him.

Congressman Al Green said, “We must impeach Trump now or he will win reelection. The fake whistleblower’s lawyer Mark Zaid in January 2017 declared war on Trump as he tweeted, “#coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion #impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Left-wing Democrats including Maxine Waters screamed out “impeach ‘45’” over and over. Now Waters says impeachment is not enough she now wants him arrested and put in solitary confinement. Democrats were shocked that Trump would call his impeachment a “lynching.” Well, in 1998 Joe Biden said Clinton’s impeachment is a partisan lynching, calling it a lynch mob. John Kerry called it a process of verbal lynching. Democrat Jerry Nadler said several times that Clinton’s impeachment was done by a lynch mob. 

These arrogant career politicians are hypocrites out of control. They put themselves as prosecutor, judge and a jury against Trump. This irrational hatred of Trump was born on election night only because he’s not their chosen one — Hillary — and is not out of control. They searched for three years for something to impeach Trump and are running out of time so now they will spin this phone call to suit their narrative. 

If these Washington swamp creatures and the 2020 candidates represent our future, then this great country is doomed. 

At a Bernie Sanders rally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hollered out, “Are you all ready for a revolution?” No, AOC, we are not. We are ready for all of Washington’s politicians to finally put us first, clean up our cities that continue to face gangs, violence, poverty, drugs, murder, on and on. Homelessness and hunger in America is shameful. Where is the American dream for all citizens? The many problems we the people continue to be ignored by Washington swamp.

These 202 candidates offer us nothing. We are $23 billion in debt, giving everything to free for all, including illegals is a pipe dream and a lie. They know they cannot deliver on these lies. We live in the greatest country in the world yet Washington acts like we are a third-world country. Together we can fix any problems Americans must come first.

God bless America. Happy Thanksgiving. I’m proud to be a Trump supporter.


Annette Lynch

Alexander City