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Dear Editor,


We all need to check our registration status or get registered to vote in November.

Since our mail service may be disrupted, we all — and I say all — need to make sure we are still registered to vote. People are being knocked off the register and Alexander City is one of those places. Why? Because some people put Alex City instead of Alexander City; so please check your status.

One website, www.vote.org, is a location you can go to and it is really easy. I found the secretary of state’s website www.sos.alabama.gov. to be a bit harder. 

On vote.org, these are the categories listed:

1. Are you registered?

2. Get your absentee ballot

3. Register to vote

4. Polling place locater

5. Early voting calendar (which Alabama does not have)

6. Absentee ballot rules

7. Voting and COV19

8. Voter registration deadlines

9. Election reminders

A. Are you registered?

1. You fill out the form and it will tell you whether or not you are registered

2. The form includes: name, address, email, and phone number

B. Get your absentee ballot – asks for the same information but has different states at the bottom of the page. Check out the rules page. If you are scared of COVID-19 as many of us are, then you are out of luck, but if you have a health issue and cannot make it to the polling location then you can apply for this.

C. Register to vote – postmarked 15 days before election date mailed and online. Do this earlier if possible which would make it October 19th. Since we have someone messing up our mail service, please get this in the mail by October 1st to make sure you can vote.

D. Polling place locater – you will have to fill in the form and it will tell you where to go. Some areas will need to check this because they are closing some polling locations

E. Early voting calendar – unfortunately, Alabama doesn’t have early voting which would help during this pandemic to keep any lines from forming.

Please get your absentee ballots in early because I doubt they will be counted if they come in on the day after the elections even if the postmark says it was earlier than two weeks beforehand.

We need to get everyone to vote this year. 


Judy Palfrey