Dear Editor,

I never thought I would actually be in agreement with Woody Baird, but I think he is right on target with what Alexander City needs. 

I love this little town. I loved it when my husband and I first visited in 1995. The town was dominated by Russell Mills at that time and there were many places to shop. 

Over the last 20 years things have changed and the town is dying. The current and past leaders seem to have the idea Lake Martin and Russell Lands will be all that is needed. That is not going to help the town come back.

We need to use those wonderful old buildings to draw artists and art lovers, new eating places, craftsmen and galleries which will attract people traveling through. Moving the city offices to U.S. Highway 280 is doing the town no favors. Henry Foy is one of the best things going for Alex City. Give him support and fund some projects that will help the town establish a niche. 

There is a lot of history in Alex City and a lot of talent. Don’t destroy those wonderful buildings. They give the town character. Get some new people in city government and maybe new things will happen.

Diana French

Alexander City

Editor’s Note: As noted in an editorial published in the July 25 edition of The Outlook, we will not be publishing municipal election-related letters to the editor after today. Aug. 15 was the cutoff day.