Letter to the editor

Dear Editor, 

The Head Start program is awesome.

I remember it. There were six of us. I was born in 1953. My youngest brother was lucky to go to Head Start.

Head Start is an old program and well put together. The children that come through there are very smart.

For many years there was little money going into that program but the administration refused to let it go under for the sake of the children.

Just 10 years ago, they decided to fully fund Head Start. I was glad to hear that because for many years they were talking about closing it, but God kept it going because God knows they didn’t have the money but they made it.

It has always been a great program for children of color. Back in the 1960s when Head Start started, those children were so smart because they had a “head start” in their education.

When they went to the first grade, they were smart.

When we started school, we didn’t have help. We had to start from the beginning in the first grade.

People have talked about the program. I give them a standing ovation because I know their work, their sacrifice they made to keep the children in those centers. They closed some down trying to end the program, but by God’s grace they are still alive and going strong in Tallapoosa and Chamber counties.

I love all the teachers, past and present. They are a rock for giving children of color a venue and helping hand.

Thank you for your commitment. Alex City is blessed to have two Head Starts. Unfortunately, they closed the one in Dadeville.

Arlean Wyckoff

Alexander City