Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

Roy Moore, the twice-defrocked former Alabama Supreme Court Justice, announced his senatorial candidacy with self-congratulatory praise. Moore spews rhetoric adorned with Christian embroidery. However, he advocates a pseudo-Christianity which crushes and condemns.

Let’s examine Moore’s Ten Commandment boasting. Moore didn’t deem it appropriate to inform his eight associate justices he was hauling a 5,200-pound Ten Commandments monument into that public space but a Christian ministry was on hand to film the travesty. What Christian would celebrate a monument emblazoned with Muhammad’s teachings in that public space? Moore said, “We have every right to acknowledge God.” Isaiah declared judges acknowledge God by promoting justice, helping the downtrodden and aiding the defenseless. Believers should obey the commandments written in their hearts, not gaze at them like they’re museum relics. 

Moore clothes himself with a martyr’s garments by claiming his opponents fear him because he believes in God, marriage and morality. Really, is that why? However, Moore’s actions in the same sex hearings compelled the (Alabama) Court of Judiciary to be astonished with Moore’s sheer lack of integrity and impartiality. Furthermore, it concluded his actions were grossly inconsistent with his duties, proved incomplete, misleading and manipulative. Some morality. 

Moore’s act is threadbare and tiresome. 

Marc D. Greenwood

Camp Hill