Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

Of course I want the best for Alexander City. I chose to come to live here 20 years ago. That was at the time of a major transition for the city.The departure of an industry supporting the economy of the city was significant.

In the years since, much has been done by many capable, caring people to improve our city. The utility services provided by the city are very good.

It is right to look to the future. I read the article in the July 24 issue of The Outlook about “What ties the city together?” It was a summary of a lot being done by several organizations to “present” our city to other people. The goal is to attract businesses, manufacturers, stores and people to come live in Alexander City.

Many positive comments were made about our city. However, one very important part was not mentioned. I saw no mention about the churches.

Here we have many congregations of Christians who make a very worthwhile difference in our city for the good. In fact, basically the quality of life of a person is not determined by economic factors or job opportunities but by attention to the truth of God. Churches are channels for proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. This nation needs good news about God’s love and the righteousness which God’s people are to practice.

There are 157 churches listed in the church directory in the Weekend edition of The Outlook. Not all of them are in Alexander City. Some on the list are in other nearby locations and cities. Surely the people who participate in and support the cause of Christ have influence which promotes morality, provides mutual helpfulness and lessens the crime rate.

Evidence is plain our nation is increasingly ignoring and rejecting God. We need to work together to see this cannot be said about the city where we live.

Bill Middlebrooks

Alexander City