Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed the editorials by our managing editor Santana Wood. She is right that we all make mistakes but it was no mistake to give Santana this position. She has proven she is very capable in handling the tough job. Mitch Sneed would be proud of her as we all are. Santana fits in perfectly with the rest of the staff; she’s very professional and always friendly. 

They all work as a team to continue to provide something special which is our own local newspaper at a very reasonable cost of $136 a year or $11 per month. For this small amount, we get a local paper to hold in our hands to read on our time over and over. There are not many bargains anymore but the cost of The Outlook is a great deal and deserves our support. I cannot imagine not having this very important part of Alex City.

Along with The Outlook, we have many things to be thankful for —  the great doctors, Russell Medical, good schools, restaurants, good police and fire departments, many local owned businesses and so much more. 

But I am not in support of moving city hall. Our leaders disregarded how many were opposed and now we have a multimillion-dollar debt. Time will tell if it will hurt downtown as they move to Highway 280.

I also am opposed to the idea brought up of raising the mayor’s pay to $80,000. We have had many qualified mayors at $60,000 a year; adding another $20,000 will not guarantee a more qualified mayor. 

Right now we are a low-wage community with struggling citizens. Our city leaders need to work on bringing in higher-wage business; then as citizens do better, they will deserve a raise in pay. 

We are a small community of around 15,000 people, yet sadly we are seeing too many big-city problems such as drugs, blighted areas, break-ins and DUIs. We have a great drug task force and police that are doing the best they can but I fear it is steadily getting worse. 

I have heard rumors that some of our leaders would like to see many bars as downtown businesses. No way can this happen; we don’t need a “Bourbon Street” downtown. Many citizens including me live downtown along with schools and churches and small businesses and would be against this. 

Improving the lives of our citizens and their children should be a No. 1 priority and our city leaders need to make choices that always benefit us. We are the taxpayers.

Again, I want to thank The Outlook for keeping us informed to what is happening in Alex City. Without our local paper, we would not know what is happening in our city. Thank you Santana and all the wonderful staff for your hard work and dedication in keeping us informed. Keep up the great job you are doing. Alex City needs you. 

A proud loyal subscriber,


Annette Lynch

Alexander City