Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

So where do we go from here is the question I ask myself and I would hope others would ponder this same question.

As the world continues to unfold, intertwine and even revert back to some of the same logical and illogical doings, yet with all the intelligence, monies, probings and expert advice, America is at a standstill waiting on some ideal or ingenious individual or group to intervene and take charge.

In the midst of all the debating, feuding and garbage throwing of mean, cruel and nasty blaming, our most precious valuable assets — our American children — are watching as well as listening to a grown society of adults who are supposed to be role models of today.

So I say to America today, “Who are we and what are we doing to influence our children and give them a legacy that years from now when we are no longer alive, future generations can boast and be proud of the Land of the Free? Instead of the fights, let’s teach instead of the prejudices; let’s reach instead of the anger; let’s seek to live, learn, give and care.

It’s time for the real Americans to stand up and let us reach out to one another and show what patriotism means.

Teresa Harrell Moten

Alexander City