Dear Editor,

Bravo. It was pleasing to see the topic of Lake Martin’s deteriorating shoreline was posted Sept. 4 in Betsy ller’s article in The Alexander City Outlook, “Boating wakes growing concern on Lake Martin, Part 1.”

For the past several years this has remained a reoccurring topic among neighbors around the lake area.  Lake Martin property owners feel their properties (real and/or personal) are being attacked on a daily basis. Right now, it seems there may be little or no recourse. The recent fad of wake boarding involves a wake boat traveling at 10 to 14 mph while the craft creates a 3- to 4- foot high wake in its path.

Everyone would agree boaters have every right to recreation on Lake Martin as much as anyone else should but, when the recreation is damaging the shoreline, a property owner’s dock, boat and more, maybe it is time to meet at the table to come together for a solution to the problem.

For years Lake Martin sun seekers have enjoyed ski boats, bass boats pontoons and jet skis but the elephant in the room is wake boats and the operators of these crafts drive by so close the wake comes across the top of a boat dock  — in some cases ripping the cleats off the dock — while the boat operator waves with a smirk on their face.

I feel — if we truly love Lake Martin — there should be a law prohibiting any vessel from creating more than a normal wake either on takeoff or planed to avoid further deterioration to the shorelines, damage and/or injury to others who want to enjoy “The South’s Best Kept Secret.”


Tony Goss