Dear Editor,

We have celebrated over 200 years of America and in 2019, we are still having some of the worst times and some great times.

Now, when the Declaration of Independence was written, we must not forget white males signed this and people of color or other races did not have their signatures on this.

Correct me if I am wrong; I like to learn truth.

For more than 200 years, the white male is still progressing and people of color, other races, women, etc. have not advanced as white males, although the Bill of Rights, Constitution and many amendments have come forth.

First of all, I am not being racist, just stating facts. Poor white males are still treated wrong, too. However, many white males are still treated far better than blacks and other races. Look at the statistics.

America, we have lied and are still lying to ourselves when we declare all men are entitled to liberty and justice for all.

Americans are at war with Americans because there are some who refuse to include blacks, women and other races with the equality standards.

Until America gets real and acknowledges many Americans — black, white, native American, male, female, etc. — hate other Americans, we will continue on as a pretense nation leaving a legacy of bitterness, dishonestly, deception and mean spirits to future generations to grasp and pass on to other generations. 

We need to stop the blame. Those who choose to be just must continue doing so and those who continue to hate will continue to hate.

For those who believe in a just society where every American should have equal and just rights, we must stand tall and speak up to those who are bitter and push forward to make America hold true to what was penned over 200 years ago on American soil.

I am proud to be an American.

Teresa Harrell Moten

Alexander City