Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

I want to thank the Tallapoosa County Commission for taking bold action for our schools.

This is an infrastructure plan. What better way to build and renovate schools?

You are now giving these children all the tools they need to be successful. They can’t learn in a hot place where there is no air and it’s cold in the winter.

I’m proud of each one of the commissioners who raised his or her right hand to those children’s future Monday when they all voted to keep the sales tax.

The children who were there will always remember showing up for something great. They witnessed history. 

It is the largest infrastructure plan to be passed by the Tallapoosa County Commission.

No, we won’t be around 30 years to see it paid for but the children who pack the courthouse will. It was a good day for us and a great day for the children.

When the vote was made, everyone stood and gave the commission a standing ovation with hands clapping.

What a glorious day that was.

Thanks again commissioners for doing things that are hard. The people in Tallapoosa County love you all. Thank you for putting our children first.

Arlean Wyckoff

Alexander City