Letter to editor

Upon opening the Aug. 6 edition of The Outlook and turning to the editorial page I was highly encouraged by not one but three pieces written by locals.

For once I agree with all three — the anonymous staff writer who wrote the sidebar on the evil mass shootings, Elsie Hickman on transparency in city government and Bill Middlebrooks on including God in our everyday lives. Without God we have nothing. Chaos and evil run rampant as evidenced by the coincidental mass shootings within 14 hours of each other and the stewardship of the resources available to our city leaders — or lack of stewardship according to how you want to look at it.

The point I am trying to make is more and more people are seeing the reality of societal trends currently being played out in the up and coming generations. The biggest evil I see currently is the internet and social media. Whereas both the internet and social media are tools that have transformed our daily lives for the better, there is a dark side which, when allowed to run unchecked, is inherently evil. Utilizing the Christian principles to help resist the temptations offered by the internet and social media is the only hope for our future.

In closing I will leave you with two points to ponder. You cannot legislate against evil and there are no coincidences.

Woody Baird

Alexander City