Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor,

Finally Washington Democrats are forced to admit we have a crisis on our border that is out of control.

For decades Democrats spoke out against illegal immigration and supported a border wall as part of border security. Now they welcome tens of thousands of illegals in an unending line. Chuck Schumer once wanted control of our borders now says, “We have to stay strong against Trump’s wall.” 


We are spending billions on this border crisis that continues to grow. These funds are needed to care for our poor and homeless and for drug addiction programs.

Feed the hungry programs are in every city in America. They claim 12 million children go to bed hungry. We have 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles living on the street in filthy conditions. Many other cities have this problem.

Where is the compassion from the left for our own citizens and children? I do not denigrate anyone, but I will continue to point out the hypocrisy from the left.

Too many cities continue to ignore violence, drug problems, poverty, murders and gangs their citizens face. This is a national disgrace. We must address our own failures and problems before we can help others from other countries.

Sound selfish? Too bad, because that will always be my position.

We the People must always come first. 

Our last three presidents, Clinton, Bush and Obama, each had eight years to make us a priority but they failed and now we face $22 trillion in debt, drug epidemic crisis, low wages, part-time jobs, 50 million live in poverty, on and on, yet left-wing politicians, cable news and Hollywood are not concerned.

They are too busy wrapping their arms around illegals at the border. There is no asylum for Americans living in cities like Chicago where they average 500 murders a year. Their struggles continue to be ignored. No compassion here, just a shameful disgrace.

I’m proud to vote for President Donald Trump. 62 million of us elected Trump, not Russia; that is a fact, but the left just doesn’t get it. They are haters, not Republicans. Their hatred for Trump blinds them to the fact he won and Hillary Clinton lost. The left thrives on hatred, hypocrisy and exaggeration. This serves no purpose. They are the real bully calling Trump and supporters every nasty name like racist, bigot, sexist and of course irredeemable deplorables.

That is so childish. The left are the ones throwing temper tantrums, whining, living in constant fever of hatred for no good reason.

As for Trump messing around with women, Democrats have their own history of disrespecting women by “messing around” on them. The Kennedy men had a reputation for this along with Bill Clinton, so if you can forgive your own party, then don’t say anything about anyone else.

Trump is not a man-child; that is just another childish meaningless attack living in constant hate is such a waste of time and so sad.

The facts are both parties have their share of scandals. Trump is trying to move us forward past all the hate. Washington needs to work together with Trump for all of us. Let those who are without sin cast the first stone.

The only way to stop the hatred is to stop the hating.

God bless America.

Annette Lynch

Alexander City