Dear Editor,

We should all be very thankful for all the heroes during this challenging time. 

You and your family have without a doubt been the recipient of the kindness of strangers who we now call heroes. 

The list of people who are recognized as first responders are about the same, no matter what news person or television commercial is mentioning current heroes. Each of their efforts are often sacrificial even though each of them would say it is their calling. 

I want to mention a group of workers who are also heroes. Many restaurants are providing drive-thru service. And although the wait to finally get your food may be longer than in previous times, we get to the window, get our food, pay the bill and drive away thinking about eating or getting home to feed everyone. Did you ever stop to think if you had dined inside the restaurant you would have given the server a tip? What about the drive-thru employees who are now our servers? They deserve a tip, too.

The next time you go through a drive-thru and get food, why don’t you tip the person who is serving you? These workers are heroes too.

Madonna Linville