Dear Editor, 

I am very disappointed in those who have not practiced mask wearing from the beginning — from local and state leaders, our U.S. president, police forces, fire and paramedic departments, senators, congressmen/congresswomen, House of Representatives, school board administrators to church congregation’s leaders and members and so, so many others, there has been so much phoniness and lack of concern throughout this COVID-19 chaos concerning mask wearing.

Shame on all the leaders who could have taken the initiative and led many, many months ago and you walked around and many talked outloud to others about protecting one enough.

Now, Gov. Kay Ivey has stepped up to the podium and declared masks must be worn as a mandate for everyone. After all this time, she and others come out front wearing a simple mask that could have been worn earlier. 

I am not mad; I am in total awe of how those elected to serve the citizens, taxpayers and voters play with our emotions. Many never will be obedient to the very laws they bring to the table and rule on. 

This is why many of the people who are in offices, positions will not — and I do mean will not — get my vote when elections are held.

It is time for grownups to grow up and mature. People are hurting; some already have trying times and difficulties in their lives without been toyed with by politicians who don’t obey the rules when they are themselves forced to. 

Nearly half a year has passed and there are so many other important factors that should be explained other than wearing a mask, sanitizing or washing hands and isolating so many feet.

People are discouraged, and I, for one, am ashamed of Alabama and all the other states in the United States of America, who showed such unconcern about the American people’s lives and livelihoods.

I and others know if everyone wasn’t susceptible to getting COVID-19, the government and many others would not be going around trying to get a cure and not even a vaccine.

I repent for our nation, its leaders and all those who toyed around with the spirit of fear called COVID-19, and the saddest part concerning this so-called pandemic is many haven’t and aren’t calling on God for answers.

I cry out for mercy for those who could have done more and informed citizens without the fear tactics. 

I ask our Lord God to deliver us from this wicked spirit supernaturally, medically-wise through vaccine or any other earthly devices in Jesus’ name.

I pray those who failed to do their jobs and those who blocked others from doing their jobs to help rid of this invisible pandemic God have mercy on their souls and forgive them. 

I pray for the families of the veterans who succumbed to death at Bill Nichols State Veterans Home, deaths at Chapman Nursing Facility and many other places where those vulnerable met such a cruel fate. 

So, I pray everyone wear masks if you want to be obedient to the laws of the Lord. However, if you do not, I refuse to condemn you because I can just wear mine and separate myself from you at however many feet I need.

I pray America turns back to our God of the universe and gives Him access into our country before we go down in history as the country which should be noted as home of the brave. 

God forbid if this great nation stops producing as a free society and certain powers to be or elected officials sabotage her growth removing our good name. 

Evangelist Teresa Harrell Moten

Alexander City