Dear Editor,

Congratulations President Donald Trump.

No Russia collusion, a failed two-year $24 million Mueller Report and now a failed, hateful, vindictive, circus impeachment.

Democrats lost but these losers now continue to investigate President Trump. Democrats continue to show us they are the scary, divisive, dangerous ones – not Republicans.

A good example is how Nancy Pelosi had a meltdown at the State of the Union address. She looked like a fool as her hatred for President Trump took over and she childishly tore up President Trump’s speech, maybe even stumped her foot in frustration.

Their hatred for President Trump is consuming them 24/7. Democrats along with Pelosi proudly say, “Trump will be forever impeached in history,” but she always leaves out that President Donald Trump will be forever vindicated in history. He won.

Bill Clinton was forever impeached in history but they wanted to put him back in the White House with President Hillary.


Democrats have lived in this insane dark rage of hatred for three years and they just cannot let go. Democrats are just shocked that a Republican Senate did not do their “duty” and vote to impeach Trump and remove him from office. 

They are now in a major meltdown afraid that Trump will win reelection.

After watching their irrational hatred for three years and now listening to 2020 candidates, we should all be convinced that Trump should win reelection. 

These fools proudly say they want open borders No I.C.E, free college, free dental, free Medicare and abortion on demand. Millions of illegals will also qualify for everything free including government benefits.

This is not America; this is a disaster. These are our tax dollars. They have no interest in solving homelessness, inner city problems, school problems and hunger in America.

Minorities along with middle class are still searching for their American dream. We don’t want to have a revolution that will fundamentally change America. We first want our government to do their job and focus on our many problems that need to be resolved. In fact we must demand it to save this great nation.

America belongs to We the People. Our citizens must come first, future generations are depending on us. It a socialist revolution takes over, we will never again be the great country that we are. 

God bless America and our first responders. 

Annette Lynch

Alexander City