Dear Editor,

After reading the article in The Outlook concerning the request by Tallapoosa County Schools superintendent Joe Windle to maintain the 1-cent sales tax, I have some questions.

This tax was imposed on the citizens of Tallapoosa County because the county board of education was about to be taken over by the state board of education due to financial problems and it wasn’t meant to be a long-term fix.

Now Windle is asking to make the tax permanent by extending the tax period for 25 to 30 years. This idea is ludicrous. This proposal also shows just how incompetent Windle is.

One of the conditions given to Windle by the county commission was Windle was to come up with a plan to solidify the Tallapoosa County Board of Education financial position with a more stable and long-term solution. Windle failed to do this. So instead of working on a plan he decided to have the citizens of the county save (him) again. This is wrong.

First, if the county commission wants to keep the tax then allow Alexander City to not participate. Cut the city out and drop our sales tax back to 9 cents. I cannot understand how the sales tax could be considered a long-term fix considering the tax is based on retail sales which can fluctuate up or down at any time.

The obvious fix for a long-term, reliable, predictable revenue stream would be to raise the educational millage tax on property. That was the plan Windle was supposed to come up with but failed. Why is it the responsibility of the citizens of the county to prop up an incompetent superintendent of the county board of education?

I am in retail sales. The 10% sales tax hurts my business. My customers who are not from Alex City can’t believe we are at 10%. If the county commission reinstates the sales tax then the citizens of Alex City need to petition to have the issue to take Alex City out of the sales tax put on the ballot at the next election. It is time for the ignorance and stupidity to stop. 

Woody Baird

Alexander City

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