Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to a recent letter by Judy Robinson. Ms. Robinson attempts to define the beliefs and positions of the Democratic Party. As a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee, which is partly responsible for developing and approving party policy in our state, I felt the record should be accurately reflected. Ms Robinson’s misconceptions about the Democratic Party are likely honest misunderstandings, and perhaps a more clear explanation would help her and others understand what our party truly believes. 

The Democratic Party is a large and diverse group of Alabamians and Americans from different economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds that believe we are all best served by respecting our differences rather than letting them divide us. We believe in individual liberty and equal rights. 

Democrats do not “approve abortion up until the time of birth.” There are many state regulations currently governing late term abortion already. Late term abortions, which account for less than 1% of the total number, are difficult and heart-wrenching decisions made by families in consultation with their physician. These decisions involve devastating medical news with few good options. Each family would obviously have different ways of making these decisions, but that family should make them — not the government.  We support Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose for the very same reason. This is important — no one is “pro-abortion,” we simply believe individuals and families are best equipped to make family planning decisions rather than the government. 

Democrats are not anti-second amendment. We believe firearms should be “well regulated” as the Constitution says, just as there are public safety regulations regarding every other right enumerated in the Constitution. 

We believe every American should enjoy the blessings of liberty, and that includes the right to share their life with the person they love. It should not be the government’s business to tell free, adult Americans who they can marry. We’ve been down this road with race and sexual preference for many years. It infringes on no one’s rights when someone else is granted equal treatment. You do not have to agree with how someone lives their life, but the Constitution requires they be treated equally under the law and common decency requires that you treat them with respect.

Ms. Robinson’s statement about “rats” being the last four letters in Democrats is insulting and unnecessary. It has become too common in this day and age for such insulting comments to be thrown around. That kind of banter is counter-productive on either side, and perhaps Ms. Robinson should revisit the text of Rev. 12:10 she referenced about being an “accuser.”

If Ms. Robinson or anyone else would like to know what our party truly stands for, rather than the Fox News caricature of our beliefs, then I encourage you to visit www.aldemocrats.org/our-party/principles or www.tallapoosadems.org. Do your own research. Do not depend on social media or right-wing news networks to do it for you. 

Terry Adamson Jr.

Alabama Democratic Party State Executive Committee Member