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Exactly what school will look like next month is still unknown.

With increasing cases of COVID-19 many decisions will have to be made by parents, administrators and more about school.

There are a few things parents can do now regardless of decisions yet to be made.

Many parents have allowed summer sleeping patterns of staying up a little later and sleeping in a little longer. To make the first day of school easier, parents need to consider shifting sleeping schedules to something more conducive for school.

With the virus and its spread, parents have done a good job of keeping children informed about what to do to prevent the spread, but with the possibility of a brick-and-mortar education students need to be reminded certain things are not allowed. Many adults can remember sharing a soda at break in high school. This can’t happen in a COVID-19 world. The same goes for sharing many things we have taught are children to share, such as books, snacks, toys and more. 

Many other precautions need to be reinforced for children returning to school as well. The precautions include frequent handwashing, wearing a mask and avoiding contact with others.

School will not look the same but for many students, the socialization it offers is needed. Taking precautions and following directions of school staff will make a brick-and-mortar education possible.

If your child will be learning from home, remember there are still ways to socialize. 

No matter what, this year is going to look different for our kids and they need our support along the way.