Our View

Thursday was National Day of Prayer and in Alexander City residents celebrated it in a big way by spreading love and praying together.

Featured on today’s front page, the Alexander City Ministerial Association hosted an event at First Baptist Church of Alexander City, which included Bible readings, worship songs and prayers from local leaders.

 “Prayer is three things,” retired minister Rev. Bill Middlebrooks said. “It can be a burden that you bring to the Lord, it can be a request for yourself and/or for others (and) it can be refreshing because God hears.”

About 70 people gathered Thursday as local leaders and ministers prayed for the government, the military, the media, businesses, education, churches and families. 

With so much tragedy in the world today, it’s important to take a step back and remember what’s important. Loving one another, teaching our youth to live like Christ, being kind and living a morally sound life are all important things we should never put on the backburner. 

Prayer brings us together and also brings us closer to the Lord and Thursday was a good reminder of how important it is to pray. 

Sometimes it is hard to humble ourselves before God and other times it is easier. We have almost no trouble at all asking God to help us through a tough situation, forgive us for our mistakes or give us something we need. However, when God comes through for us and gives us accomplishments or other blessings, it’s harder to take the time to say thanks.  

While there’s never an inappropriate time to pray, it’s important to remember to pray during all phases of our lives, not just during the bad times. As Middlebrooks said, God hears us. He is always listening but most of the time He is waiting for us to come to Him first. 

We think it is great for area churches and groups to have celebrated this national holiday and hope it inspired some folks to stay humble before God all the time.