Rosie Morgan

School is back in session and the rest of us are working on getting the best we can from what is left of summer.

Rain may have dampened some outdoor activities but the growing things were glad of a special drink from Mother Nature’s pool. Unfortunately with the rain comes extra heavy humidity that wears a person out in a minute.

Two “bird-type” hound dogs were dropped off in Nixburg, white with brown spots, which neighbors tried to catch but they ran. Please come and get your dogs because they are hungry.

Happy birthday wishes to my good friend Eddie Hampton Nelson, now of Goodwater, who celebrates another year better and wiser on Aug. 18.

Sometimes you meet the nicest folks when you are not even trying. Ron and I had a late lunch at Cazadores and our server was one of the brothers who often served us when we went weekly to Ranchito Morin in Wetumpka about 15-18 years ago. Then as we were leaving, Terell Kelley came up to introduce himself. He’s a very likeable fellow who now does local landscaping after retiring from the state.

Terell must love work as he also helps his father at The Rock where they sell fresh produce on a corner of Highway 259 that meets on the other end of Coosa County 34 which runs from the Ray Community next to the Ray Baptist Church on Highway 22.

The Church in the Pines at Kowaliga will have Charles Gattis, retired from the United Methodist Church at Owens Cross Roads, as the guest speaker for the service Aug. 18 beginning at 9 a.m. Everyone is welcome.

Remember from history when the poor children worked at stealing from street markets and ran off with possibly an apple or loaf of bread in order to feed the family living in the Victorian slums of London? If they got caught it was very bad news but the chance was taken in order to survive. In our modern times, most everyone has the opportunity of schooling to get educated for jobs and careers, plus help for food if needed. Sometimes this is not enough and the badness comes out in folks who become thieves although the cameras now are in almost all stores and used to solve many crimes.

Last month, we were in Walmart looking for some shoes Ron could wear with his heavily bandaged heels. Right in the space provided for sitting down and trying on new shoes was an old pair of worn-out, lace-up leather shoes. They had been left when a person tried on a new pair to replace them and just wore them out of the store. I told the folks up front hoping they could roll the film and catch that thief. When folks do things like this, it makes the loss level of the store increase and we end up paying for that shortage elsewhere.

Aug. 9 was a really big celebration for Mrs. Betty House as she got a surprise 80th birthday lunch gathering at Jake’s in Alex City. Jake himself was there to make sure everything was super. The ladies sang as Betty walked in, then again when she blew the candles out on her vanilla/chocolate birthday cake. Betty is such a lovely lady, always sweet and kind, having a big smile, a hug and kiss for her friends. She came in sporting her Betty Boop handbag and among her gifts was a great-looking, snazzy Betty Boop watch, which just made her day. Another gift was a lovely Roll Tide decorated door wreath with a lovely houndstooth bow. Betty also got a very special spa massage session with Noel Boone.

Betty was so grateful and truly touched at the special, thoughtful things that came her way on the day she turned 80. This tells me if you live rurally or around the lake, you may live a longer, happier life.

The ladies sharing Betty’s special luncheon were Sue Pemberton Best, Patty Self, Carla Luck, Betty Haynes, Yvonne Myers, Janice Moses, Pat Hipp, Jackie Dean, Neta Stephens, Rachel Fuller and yours truly, all having such great fun together.

Until next week, keep smiling.