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Admitting to something can be hard.

Sometimes we get caught in a little white lie or an even bigger lie, and we’re too ashamed to come clean. No matter what the instance may be, it’s human nature to not want to admit you’re wrong or did something you’re ashamed of.

We get being human.

What we can’t condone is harboring a secret or knowing you’re part of wrongdoing without coming clean, especially when it hurts the community and others around you.

If you’ve been reading the most recent editions of The Outlook, you’re up to date on the illegal dumping saga in the area. There are perpetrators who continue to dump shingles in multiple areas, even after crews and volunteers have worked hard to clean up said areas. 

It’s just not right.

Although Alexander City has a littering ordinance, in many cases offenders are allowed to clean up before they are prosecuted. This may be something that needs to change as it is often difficult to identify the offender.

If you have information on the recent illegal dumping in the area — or if it’s you — please admit your wrongdoing and stop damaging this community so many have dedicated hundreds of hours to keeping clean.

Volunteers and organizations have spent countless hours cleaning countless tons of garbage out of our lake and roadsides. Our area is beautiful and deserves to stay that way. To illegally dump is a slap in the face to this community, volunteers and the people who live here.

Come clean so our area can be remain clean itself.