Our View


ew leaders in Tallapoosa County municipalities will take office Nov. 2. We have four new mayors here in Tallapoosa County; it appears people are ready for a change and the time is now.

Now, let’s make the most of it and all work together. 

We do want to take this moment to wish these incoming mayors the best of luck on their new ventures leading their respective cities. Running for office was hard enough, but now the real work begins as they prepare to actually take office. We know each of these leaders has their city’s best interests at heart and we’re anxious to see what they’ll accomplish over the next four years. We hope our leaders can only take us forward and will continue the growth our areas have seen while also fixing other areas that need repair or more attention.  

New leaders also means councilmembers who did not run again or weren’t reelected and three of four mayors who have led places including Alexander City, Dadeville, Jacksons Gap, New Site and Camp Hill will complete their four-year terms.

On the surface, people may not realize all elected officials do. In reality, it takes a special person to take on that responsibility. The demand of their time is incredible and working to satisfy constituents is a neverending task. There’s even more pressure as these leaders keep up with city expenditures, try to recruit economic development and more.

As the current group of mayors and councilmembers prepare to leave office, we would like to thank them for their service and the good things they accomplished the last four years.