Our View

Every newspaper is criticized for something. Unfortunately, the media is trusted less today than it was many years ago. It’s something The Outlook strives to overcome.

One of the things people in the community voice their opinions about is the content on our editorial page. Some of the content comes from local faces and we are eternally grateful for that. Our local columnists and readers who submit letters to the editor are crucial to the quality of our editorial page and we cannot thank those folks enough.

However, other content is syndicated columns that are submitted to us for free. We put thought into what we put on this page but we are seeking more local content to improve the quality of our hometown newspaper to better serve you — you’re our priority.

We think it’s important for our readers to understand this opinion page is your page. Speak up and use it. All you have to do to be part of this page is come up to any of our staff when you see us out and about and say you want to write a column for us or send us an email at editor@alexcityoutlook.com

Letters to the editor are always welcome and we run almost every letter submitted to us, although we do have a right to not run them for any reason at all. They’re taken with open arms and gladly placed on our opinion page as long as they’re appropriate. It’s the best way to speak your opinion. Letters are shorter and columns are longer.

We’re searching for area residents who would like to write a column once a week. You can write about politics, local issues or anything else our readers would be interested in. 

We want this page to represent our community as accurately as possible and the best way to do that is have local faces on this page. 

Think you’re interested in being part of it? Call us at 256-234-4281 or send us an email.