Our View

They’re not parents but they’re similar. They do their best to  mold and shape children to be the best they can be. They start out teaching the littlest of students their shapes, colors, numbers and letters and go through each step of learning until they are prepared for life outside of school. They give children both hard and soft skills they can apply throughout school then in life.

They’re teachers, and they’re a crucial part of a person’s life. As Jody Fuller said in his recent column in The Outlook, “None of us would be who we are without teachers.” 

They truly make us who we are because they teach us so much and do so at such crucial times in our lives. They’re there for us each step and every stage of childhood and early adult life and they make such a difference for whom they teach.

The Outlook is beginning to do a series of stories in which we will feature local teachers in both Alexander City and Tallapoosa County school systems. We are excited to get to know each of the teachers in our area and learn more about them — some of the most important people in area students’ lives. 

Teachers are a special breed of people and not everyone is cut out for it. Being a teacher requires a great level of patience and creativity. It can be tiring and demanding but it’s also one of the most rewarding careers.

Even as adults we remember our grade school and college teachers and what they taught us. Teachers have the power to impact people in a huge way for the rest of their lives.

We are so thankful for the teachers who give their all and pour their hearts into teaching our area children.   The difference you make in their lives is immeasurable.