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Today the area is expected to be under a severe weather threat. It’s always important to be prepared because weather is so  unpredictable. 

Here in Tallapoosa County the sirens no longer go off to alert residents. Instead there is Tallapoosa Alert, which calls, texts and emails those signed up about severe weather. We encourage residents to sign up for the free program. 

Those interested can contact Tallapoosa County Emergency Management Agency director Jason Moran at 256-825-1078 or visit www.tallaco.com.

Tornadoes can happen anytime, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It’s a good idea to review a plan with your family in case a tornado comes through Tallapoosa County.  

According to FEMA, residents should recognize a tornado’s signs including its shape of a rotating funnel and its similar sound to a freight train. 

Residents should pay attention to weather reports and identify a safe shelter to go to in case of a tornado. 

If a tornado occurs residents should go to their safe location and shield their neck and head with their arms and put materials such as furniture and blankets around themselves. Those who are in a car or are outdoors and cannot get to a building should also cover their head and neck with their arms and cover their body with a coat or blanket if they can. 

Save phone calls for emergencies since phone systems are often down after a storm, according to FEMA. Additionally avoid fallen or broken power or utility lines.

It never hurts to take precautions when it comes to severe weather. We hope these tips help.