our view

There are many discussions on social media every time new cases of the coronavirus are reported.

People question if enough precautions are being taken. Some point fingers and blame others. Some carry on as if nothing is going on. Others call out the media for blowing the situation out of proportion and others say the media is conspiring to hide things.

One thing is for sure, The Outlook isn’t hiding anything. If we have fully vetted the information and know it is fact, we are sharing it with our readers as quick as humanly possible. Our staff is going to publish only information we can verify through trusted sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Alabama Department of Public Health and local medical providers. 

Those sources are on the frontlines of this battle and have firsthand knowledge.

Those sources aren’t sharing second- and third-hand information that is likely all started from a rumor. It doesn’t mean the staff of The Outlook isn’t listening to those rumors, scouring the information and asking those on the frontlines about it. We’re looking into every rumor and tip that comes our way but we can assure you we aren’t reporting anything unless we know it is fact.

Our trusted sources have all shared COVID-19 is survivable and only a select group could get very ill. They’ve also said with some precautions, we can slow the spread of it.

But to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we must first follow the suggestions of the medical professionals and stop pointing the finger at others. Don’t believe all the rumors you hear and know, no matter what, you can come to The Outlook for the facts.