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There have been some tragic headlines in our newspaper this week, and it’s never easy to digest tragedies so big where lives are lost and ones that happened so unexpectedly. 

Last weekend, a Mississippi man plunged 100 feet to his death while working on the Fulton Street water tower in Dadeville. His name was Danny Keith Coleman and he was 61 years old — a life we pray was well-lived so far but one that had so many more years to go. 

Coleman was working out of town from Northport, performing periodic maintenance on the water tower. Authorities said he was killed on impact in the incident. 

This hurts our hearts to think about and we can’t even begin to know how this man’s family must feel to lose someone they love so unexpectedly and in such a tragic way. 

Thursday night two boats — one carrying six people, the other carrying one — collided on Lake Jordan. Authorities said two people were taken by helicopter and ambulance to Baptist South Hospital in Montgomery and three others sustained minor injuries. Unfortunately, the other two are missing and rescue crews have been searching for them tirelessly. The bodies were not found as of press time Friday night.

Capt. Gary Buchanan of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Marine Patrol said Friday afternoon there was no hope of survival for the two men, who were 17 and 26 — lives with so many years ahead of them. 

Reading of these events leaves emptiness inside and all we can do is send our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of these victims.

In these times of loss, we should be reminded life is precious and each day is a gift. Tell those you love how you feel every day and live each day like it is your last.