Our community is comprised of caring, passionate individuals who dedicate their time to the many philanthropic causes and organizations in our county. For a small town, we are lucky to be blessed with so many people with the drive and kindness to help others.

From local chapters of nationally recognized organizations such as Rotary and Kiwanis clubs to nonprofits including Lake Martin Area United Way, which covers more than 20 partnering agencies, and groups focused on beautifying our area such as Clean Community Partnership and Lake Martin Resource Association, there are endless opportunities to lend a hand and get involved.

Whatever your skill set may be, there are positions needed amongst these organizations that would be the perfect fit. Not everyone has the time to commit to volunteering and some people spend all their time doing so, but if everyone chips in, we can keep our roadsides clean, feed the hungry and provide the proper resources to those in need.

The Outlook encourages you to reach out to an organization of interest and find out how you can help. Most of these organizations are always looking for monetary contributions to continue carrying out their missions. Maybe you don’t have time to help organize an event or your work schedule doesn’t allow you to run Meals on Wheels, but donations, even of the smallest kind, make a huge impact.

We are lucky to be part of a community that puts the needs of its people first. We look out for one another. And the only way we can continue to do that is through volunteering and supporting our local nonprofits and civic organizations. We applaud all those unsung heroes behind the scenes who often don’t get recognized. Keep up the good work; we appreciate all you do.