Our view

We have so many incredible people in our community. People who go above and beyond for their friends and family and people who volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts — they’re everywhere around here. 

We’re reminded of this often but it’s been evident than this week as the area honored veterans with several programs and ceremonies.

Every school in Alexander City held a Veterans Day ceremony. To see how school children are showing love, appreciation and respect for those who served this great country has been refreshing to say the least. Bill Nichols has a tribute planned Monday and there’s an event going on in Goodwater as well. 

In today’s paper there are tributes to veterans family and friends purchased to show their special veteran just how they feel about their service.

We can never thank our veterans enough, but it sure is nice to see our community work so hard to recognize them on and around the day that was set aside for them.

Veterans Day is a day that belongs to all veterans throughout history who have served their country to thank them for their service. No matter how long they served, Monday honors the fact our veterans answered the call to serve our nation and did everything asked of them. Veterans Day is a time when we should all take time to seek out a veteran, shake their hands, give them a hug or salute them. We should take time to listen to their story and let it be stored in our memory forever. 

It is those stories that allow us the freedoms we have today. 

We thank our area veterans and thank the people in our area for doing their part to honor them this week.