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Our View editorials are opinion pieces written by Outlook staff.

It is sad we have to take safety into our own hands due to others trying to harm someone.

Take a look at a headline on the front of today’s Outlook: “Date rape drugs being seen in area.”

Tallapoosa County Narcotics Task Force Sgt. Fred White said his group is seeing more and more of the date rape drug GHB coming into the area and we should take precautions. Just last week the task force seized enough precursor of the drug to make five gallons. It takes only a capful for someone to be incapacitated by GHB.

White said the drug is odorless, tasteless and hard to detect. It will incapacitate a victim to where he or she cannot remember an extended period of time of their day or evening.

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of those who might try to use GHB, White gave a few basic tips to follow.

• Fix your own drinks even at parties where we might know most everyone there. 

• Don’t drink from a glass because someone says, “Hey, try this.”

• Always keep an eye on your drink.

While they seem simple, it is imperative we follow the suggestions regardless of where we are.