Our View

Over the last year in Tallapoosa County, we’ve seen many businesses open but we’ve seen others shut their doors.

The reasons vary on what happens over time to cause business owners to make the tough decision to shut down an operation. After all, most owners dedicate their lives to their business and see their customers and employees as family.

The truth is the bottom line makes the decision for them. No one can operate long in a situation that does not make a profit. 

Many of us gripe and complain there aren’t enough places to eat, but have you given your money to all our local eateries? Carib Kitchen opened in late September and as fans of their food and incredible customer service, we hope our readers support them as well. The location it is in has had difficulty retaining business in the past, as we’ve seen a few establishments close over the last couple of years. 

But don’t you know it’s our duty to support a place like this in order to keep the folks coming in every day? The Broad Street establishment has to pay all of its bills plus everything it needs to provide us with food and service. Places like Carib Kitchen need our patronage to keep going. They truly depend on us.

If we don’t step up and support our local eateries, who will? They can’t stay open on the business of out-of-towners; they need our consistent business. 

We lost a prime local eating establishment when we saw Lake Martin Pizza Company’s Alexander City location close in late October. Many were shocked and disappointed. If — as a community — we patronized the location more, who knows, maybe things could’ve been different.

Support the newly-opened establishments as well as the longtime businesses in Alexander City. Without our support, they might not stay afloat. They need us and our economy needs them. Let’s band together to eat local and patronize these eateries and other businesses we are fortunate to have before it’s too late.